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What makes us different?

What makes us stand out in the market is our passion for good food, a passion for good service and a passion for serving our clients.

It’s an old proverb that “an army marches on it’s stomach”. We believe an organization too run on the same theory.

A fulfilling meal gives one a peaceful mind to work.

Our meals are prepared with our own standard operating procedures. As such, food safety, sanitation and hygiene are all priorities in the food services we provide.

To ensure that we are doing our utmost to give you the best in food delivery services we apply standards that are pre-determined for each area of service, and the performance of our units is measured by the following:

Best practice and communication

Plan first, act next. Adopting a proper procedure makes way to a perfect implementation. We adopt best practices to serve you better. Communication is the key to make it easy and clear hence we communicate with the client at every step to make sure that there is no time lost in misunderstandings.

Customer and client surveys

Before providing our services, we make sure that we have in depth knowledge about the people we are going to serve. We do surveys at the initial step only to know you better and then serve you better.

Defined policies and procedures

Ambiguity in the way an organization is going to work leads to chaos. We have well defined policies and procedures which are strictly followed to avoid such chaos.

Hygiene audits

We have always stated that hygiene is our highest priority but saying is not all, we run internal audits to make sure that there is no loopholes which can affect the quality.

On-the-job training programmes

For those who are keen to learn and explore this exciting field, we run on-the-job training programmes which makes a trainee perfect.

Qualified and well trained staff

We pay extra attention while recruiting the staff. Inefficient staff cause heavily on our reputation which we have earned with so much hard work. Hence, we only hire qualified and well trained staff who know in and out of their job.

Supplier partnerships and quality products

We have our own network of suppliers who provide quality ingredient to us. We have long term partnerships with such firms who believe in quality just like us.

We work closely with a wide range of clients from different sectors.

Our Clients


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