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We at Intercontinent Des Services carry out any operation with ease and expertise across the complete lifecycle, from conceptual design to end of the project.

ICS engineering unit provides the experienced services from design to project execution to end of project life cycle at off shore and on shore at any location in the world.

Oil and Gas industry encompasses several processes globally; including extraction, refining, transporting and marketing, just to name some. Petroleum products are vital as direct consumable products and also as raw materials for other several crucial industries. The availability of these products is critical concern to the industrial civilization itself and hence to the world economy also.

Shortage of manpower to the critical tasks affect operations globally. Hence, it is very crucial to get the manpower required on time which is skilled and efficient. With almost 20 years of experience of providing skilled manpower to the industry at various levels, we claim to be the backbone of the industry and play an important role in global economy.

Our services are not only restricted to manpower supply but we also provide a range of other services.

Welcome Service

A warm welcome makes you relaxed and comfortable after a hectic traveling schedule. Travel arrangements are always a big burden on one’s mind. We make your life easy by taking that burden on ourselves. We provide a wide range of services including –

  • Air port/ Hotel pick up
  • Pick up/ Drop to the Seaport
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Air ticketing
  • Letter of Invitation/ Work permit for Republic of Congo
  • Hotel & Accommodation in Republic of Congo
  • Local transportation (vehicle)
  • Salaries or fees payment
  • International health coverage
  • International evacuation / repatriation insurance
  • Legal and social tax payment in Republic of Congo
  • Cash Facilitating service
  • Money exchange
If you need it, we can sort it out.

As an experienced operator in the remote site and hostile environment industries, INTER-CONTINENTAL DES SERVICES is able to provide an array of additional services either directly or through our relationships with preferred suppliers.

Our services also include:

  • Search & sourcing of local manpower
  • Selection & tests
  • Recruitment under INTERCONTINENTAL DES SERVICES payroll
  • Manpower supply
  • Health coverage
  • Life insurance
  • Salaries or fees payment
  • Legal and social tax payment

We work closely with a wide range of clients from different sectors.

Our Clients


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