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The Way We Think

Our mission is simple. We aim to exceed our customer expectation in all areas of our operation. Everyone in Intercontinental Des Services is committed to consistently delivering exceptional service in the most efficient way, for the benefit of our customers, employees and community.

If we put it simply then, our mission is to go beyond the highest of expectations a client can have from us. Everybody in Intercontinental Des Services is committed to deliver the highest standard of food and is eager to hear great stuff from our clients.

Our satisfaction depends on our client’s satisfaction.

We not only understand the requirement but we understand their people to evaluate how much our service can make their life easy. This way, we are not just a service provider but become an associate who understands the challenges and help in addressing them.

Our Values


The quality of any work depends on how honestly it has been done and honesty comes from the morality in a person. We make sure that our employees are self-motivated towards providing the quality to our clients. We set the highest ethical and professional standards at all times.

Excellent Customer Service

When we promise that our staff performs at a high level, we mean it. We analyse each requirement separately and it’s our passion towards quality that we never shy away from taking extra burden of considering each requirement as a new challenge. We always crave for innovation and developing practices which will help us improve and lead our market.

Care and Concern towards Employee

Emphasizing on quality doesn’t mean the increased load on our employees. We believe in teamwork and plan in such way that we can utilize the specialists of each area efficiently. That way we are able to keep them happy and deliver the best to our clients.

Constant Improvement

As said, we strive for innovation and keep developing new ideas to serve better, to exceed our own expectations.

Responsible Individual Initiative

Every action of an individual or a group impacts the society and environment. We take the responsibility of whatever we do. We try to make a contribution which is positive always.


We work closely with a wide range of clients from different sectors.

Our Clients


Intercontinental Des Services
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République du Congo – Brazzaville

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